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Roles Duties of Law Enforcement Special Police Officers

What are Law Enforcement Special Police Officers?

As a Law Enforcement Special Police Officer, you provide safety and security services for an assigned area or company. You may work as an auxiliary police officer for the police force to provide support for full-time officers, or you may work in a fire police or company police unit. Federal buildings such as the Navy Yard in Washington DC, Hospitals, university campuses, and museums just to name a few often rely on special police officers to keep the peace. Your job duties are similar to those of other law enforcement officials. You may direct traffic, make traffic stops, conduct investigations and make arrests. Depending where you work, you may or may not carry a firearm.

What is Law Enforcement Special Police in Washington, DC?

The term Law Enforcement Special Police Officer (SPO), is any person who is commissioned which have been approved pursuant to this act, and who may be authorized to carry a weapon. They are privately commissioned police officers with full arrest powers within an area or premises which the officer has been employed to protect.


  • Protect personnel and property in a professional manner

  • Meet and deal tactfully and politely with general public

  • Effectively and efficiently screen and process visitors

  • Conduct internal and external roving foot patrols

  • Direct traffic

  • Ability to maintain excellent detection rate on x ray machine

  • Detect and respond to alarms and emergencies

  • Secure entrances and exits during emergencies

  • Control keys and lock combinations

  • Communicate and remain accessible via two way radio or company issued cellular phone

  • Understand and comply with all requirements defined within company documents to include: Post and General Orders, plans, policies, procedures.

  • Observe and report all offenses/incidents

  • Perform reporting on utility systems

  • Provide first aid, CPR, and assist during emergencies as necessary.

  • Must be able to wear protective body armor as a part of the duty uniform.

  • Maintain mandated training requirements in accordance with company guidance.

  • Maintain physical fitness, agility requirements, and weapons qualifications.

  • Ensure safety requirements compliance and safe work practices.

  • Support safety programs Participate in Quality and Process Improvement programs.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

  • Regular, in-person attendance is required.

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